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how to Commission an illustration

If you would like to commission a new illustration or relicense an existing illustration by Bodil Jane, please get in touch with her international agents at Folio Art. They are based in central London and you can reach them at or
+44 (0)20 7242 9562.


You will work with either Lizzie, James or Kim. They will guide you through the commission process. You can discuss the project details and fee with them. If you reach out to them, it would help if you mention the following:

  • What you would like the illustration to depict

  • What style you require (maybe even add reference images)

  • Where and how long you want to use the image 

  • When you will need the illustration

Collaborate on Instagram

If you are a creative and/or sustainable brand that is interested in collaborating with Bodil Jane on Instagram, please get in touch via

Press requests

For a high-res portrait and interview requests, you can send an email to

Online shop QUESTIONS

Visit Shop Information for all information on Bodil Jane Shop. Any other question? Please contact

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